In Loving Memory ....

Tia Heider before Accident

Tia Heider
January 17, 1988 - July 11, 1998

...the little girl who stole our hearts
and touched our lives.

Photos of Tia

Tia Coming Home from Hospital

Tia at Home

Tia and Mom

Tia with D Bear

Tributes to Tia

Hello my Friends

Please allow me to share your sorrow,
As I here now share your tears.
You'll have my prayers tomorrow
And all your future years.

I know that Tia's safely sleeping
In the Lord's embracing arm,
And that He her soul is keeping
From any future harm.

Please know others bare your sorrow,
And others share your tears
As they pray for Tia tomorrow,
And for you in future years.

I love you all.
May the Lord Bless and Keep You -
and may He help you remember
the happiness that you had in Tia's too few years.


"...Tia has moved on and up to a better life where she can run, play, fly, etc. I believe she is much better off now that she is free of the prison her body had become. Perhaps she will return to earth to live a better life, or maybe she will move on to another place where she can learn, grow, and have fun. "
Hugs to you all.

"...I ....echo Sarah's thoughts and feelings about Tia. May she be in a place of no suffering, only happiness, and in a place where she can forgive the events that created 'her prison' and ultimate death. May her family find some peace, and somehow grace, with this tragedy."
Love, Becky

Tia's Family

Tia's Friends

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midi might
July 11, 1998