In Loving Memory ....

Tia Heider before Accident

Tia Heider
January 17, 1988 - July 11, 1998

...the little girl who stole our hearts
and touched our lives.

"She walks now in Heaven;
She talks now with God.
She eats now the Bread of Life.
Her pain is now healed
Her breath is now mingled with ours.
Her memory will be forever with us.
She became a part of our souls.

May God in His tender mercy
Place our love in her new dwelling.
May her shining star give us comfort
As it twinkles through the black of night.
May each new day spread her special sunshine.
May we feel her hugs enfolding us.
And most of all, Dear God,....
May her spirit dwell with those who called her sister, daughter, granddaughter, niece, cousin, and friend.
Thank you, God, for sharing her with us for a time.
She is at rest now in Your Care."
by: Doris Newnam

Her Family....
Arlie and Renee Heider, Father and Mother
Anthony Heider, Brother
Michael and Judy Obuchowski, Maternal Grand Parents
Robbin, "Uncle"

Tia's Friends

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Photos and Tributes

midi might
July 11, 1998